Saturday, October 3, 2009

Procrastination or real life getting in the way?

I currently have four items in my possession awaiting a review from me. I have a book, which I waited for over two months to actually receive from Tiber River, two products from the Amazon Vine program, and another book from The Catholic Company. Now to be perfectly honest, I thought I was doing pretty good with all of my reviews. Since I was invited to the Amazon Vine, I have been reviewing four products a month. In an effort to not frustrate my children and to move my reviews along a little faster, I have been trying to select books and items that will interest them or could be used by them. So far it's working out well. I even did this recently when selecting a book from The Catholic Company. Ellie is absolutely in love with the Go Fish cards that came with the sacrament tote set we received from them. She knows the names of just about all the sacraments now from playing that game.

Despite my usually fast reviewing process, I have fallen behind. This week alone, three books arrived on my doorstep. And then, I got an email, which I think was a not so friendly reminder from Tiber River letting me know that my book had been delivered. Hmm. Well, I'm sorry if I haven't tackled St. Augustine's Confessions in under a month. Perhaps I should be bringing this book to my girl's soccer games, Mass, the religious ed class I'm teaching, and keep it in the car to read while I'm waiting to pick the girls up from school. To be fair, I did wait for this book to arrive for 10 weeks. It was ordered on June 11th and arrived on August 31st. I suppose getting sick with the flu threw a monkey wrench in the reviewing process. And, maybe I was wrong to make the book that I waited for take a back seat to the items that came from places that sent them out in a timely manner. Who knows? All I know is making sure I'm actively involved in my children's lives takes precedence to a book or product that's awaiting a review. I'm certain the review would have been written within two weeks time if I had received it any time in July or early August. September and October are generally my busiest months out of the year. I don't have much spare time in the fall.

I could have read all day today and cranked out at least three reviews, but then I would have missed watching Madeline score two goals in her soccer game. I also would have missed seeing Ellie actually kick the soccer ball twice in her game. I was just as excited to see Ellie actually connect with the ball as I was to see Madeline score her goals a few hours earlier in the day. Weather permitting, I'll be watching Ellie play soccer again tomorrow.

Once I'm done making sure I have everything I need to teach my kindergarten religious ed. class I'll sit down and do some reading. Who knows, maybe I'll even get a review out of the way.


  1. That sounds like a lot of reading! Do you get paid to do the reviews? Seems like a lot of work. I agree with you, kids come first. "Mommmying" is my #1 job too :)

  2. Cookie, I don't get paid to do any of the reviews, but for the review programs, I get to keep the product I review. I relied heavily on consumer reviews when buying baby gear when I was pregnant with Madeline, so writing reviews became a bit of a hobby of mine about 8 1/2 years ago. Only within the past year have I been involved in programs that give me the product in exchange for a reveiw, unless we're going to count Buzz Agent.
    I did manage to get one of the Amazon reviews out of the way last night.

  3. Yeah don't forget to obey the new FTC rule and put in your review that you got the book for free.

  4. Elizabeth,
    That lovely new FTC regulation is amazing, isn't it? I just love having Big Brother breathing down my neck. I think it's funny that reviews on consumer sites don't seem to be regulated (such as customer reviews, but reviews on my blog are now subject to scrutiny).


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