Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Want Snow White for $9.99?

I have a Snow White fiend living in my house right now. I don't know if I should blame all the heavy advertising that has been on TV for the past several weeks, or Disney for promoting their princesses so heavily. I guess if I'm going to be fair, I should just blame the Snow White book Ellie has been making me read her frequently for the past 6 or 7 months. I'm not a Snow White fan. I can't stand her voice and I just don't like the story. I'm an Ariel girl.

If you are like me, and living with a Snow White fanatic or maybe you just need a copy of this DVD, you can go to Amazon.com and get the Blue Ray + DVD combo pack for $9.99 if you use the promo code SNOWHITE at check out. I stumbled on this lovely little deal while perusing a message board this morning. I don't have any idea how long this promotion is valid.

If you are a cheapskate like me, you'll also like to know that you can add something that cost $5.01 or more to your order and get free super saver shipping (the added item has to be eligible for free shipping). Apparently, Amazon doesn't care if your check out total is below $25, the pre-promo total just has to be $25 or more to get the free shipping.

My mom needed to pick up something small for Ellie to round out her Christmas shopping for the girls so this was the perfect solution. She placed her order this morning and told me she also got a $5 off coupon for a future DVD purchase after she placed the order. Not sure if everyone is getting that deal as well, but it's not a bad deal if you have other DVD's to buy.

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