Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School!

I am sitting in a completely quite house.  Katie is napping and Madeline and Ellie are decked out in blue plaid in their new school.  It's been a while since the house has been this silent.

We woke up bright and early this morning to start a new school year.  When I got out of bed this morning at 6:50 I was greeted by a fully washed and dressed Ellie.  Wow!  This is the kid who doesn't like to get up in the morning but she was certainly eager to start a new year of school.

I had disliked the ugly blue jumper for Ellie since I first saw it, but I have to say I think she looked pretty cute in it when I saw her all set for school this morning.  I guess it has grown on me.

Madeline was very happy with how her uniform looks.  Since our school has a summer uniform that can be worn for nearly half of the school year, I suspect she'll be taking advantage of this nice simple combination a lot.

I think it was either last year or the year before that I started spelling out the grade with our Leap Frog magnets.This year we have a second grader and a sixth grader.  It's harder for me to believe that Madeline is in sixth than it is for me to believe that Ellie is in second.


We're one of the very last stops on the bus route so we did a lot of waiting out front.  The bus arrived nearly five minutes after the start of school.  Eeek!

While we waited I snapped a few more pictures of them.  Madeline was very anxious that they were going to miss the bus and didn't want me taking pictures of them on the law.

Finally I told them we could walk closer to the bus stop.

After I got just one more picture on the lawn, that is.

And just like that, the bus finally showed up and the girls had to run to bus!

I can't wait to hear about their day.  I know they got there in once piece since one of our parish priests told me he saw Madeline when he was at the school this morning.

Would you believe that Katie slept through the entire morning routine?  I think she was a bit upset to discover that her big sisters and her Daddy were all missing this morning.  But I made it better by taking a trip over to the parish office to make copies for my class.  She had plenty of people of there wanting to hold her and make a big fuss over her.

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