Monday, September 24, 2012

Sleepless night and retail therapy

I think when I took Madeline to the pediatrician last Wednesday to get her required shots for 6th grade we got a bonus illness for Katie.  That seems to be the way it goes anytime we go there for a well visit. One of us always winds up under the weather.

Katie woke up a little after three this morning and wouldn't go back to sleep.  She screamed and wailed when I put her back in her crib after I fed her so I brought her back to bed hoping she'd sleep there.  Instead she tossed and turned and kept Bryan and I awake.  Since Bryan had to go into the office this morning and was getting up around 5:30AM, we decided that we need to take her downstairs.  For some reason she'll fall asleep in our family room if we're holding her, but not in our bed or even if I sit with her in her room.  So after a dose of ibuprofen she settled in and slept on me on the family room couch.

I think I got about three hours of interrupted sleep last night.  Bryan woke me at 5:30 when he got up and he put Katie in her crib.  He was rightly concerned that if he left me to sleep with her on the couch that one of the girls would wake her within the hour.  While I didn't get much sleep, Katie slept until around 8:30.

Katie's a bit on the grumpy side this morning but I'm hoping she'll be in a better mood after her nap.  It seems like she has a bit of a cold, so I'm hoping it's not more than that.  I don't know if I can handle a sick baby while sleep deprived in the midst of a cleaning frenzy.  I've been focusing on cleaning the basement playroom and slimming down the girl's toys all weekend.  I'm making some headway, but I think I still have a way to go with paring down the toys.

So now in my sleep deprived state I feel like shopping from home.  I'm trying to figure out what the girls will be wearing this Christmas so I was pretty happy to see that Gymboree had a dress that I think will be perfect for Ellie.  I'm thinking of ordering her this dress so she can wear it on Christmas Eve when she sings at Mass with the children's choir and then again for her first reconciliation in February.  I think the ivory dress will be perfect for her first reconciliation.  What do you think?  I figure I'll find a few other things to order to score free shipping and hope she doesn't look washed out in the dress.  She can go either way with ivory.  Sometimes she looks great in it and other times she looks washed out and sick.  I'm hopeful that she'll look good in it, otherwise I'll have to send it back.

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