Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Madeline never ceases to amuse us with some of her little sound bytes.  She comes out with some statements that make us laugh and wonder what's going on in her head.  I figured I'd share some of her more recent ones with you before they're forgotten.

We had a birthday party for her on Wednesday last week since her actual birthday and the weekends surrounding it were jam packed with activities and what not.  A friend gave her a cute little Webkinz puppy and she pondered what to name it.  After much thought she declared that the dog was a girl and she knew this for a fact.  Ellie told her she couldn't know that and I stupidly stepped in and asked how exactly she came to this conclusion.  She explained that she knew this because when she flipped it over "there was nothing hanging from the undercarriage."  Yep, she lives in a female dominated house with a short-haired male dog.  Maybe I should stop referring to the underside of the dog as an undercarriage.

Last Thursday on our way to the beach Madeline was in the third row of the van chattering away about this and that.  The subject turned to altar serving and one of her many stories from the sacristy.  I could seriously start a blog based solely on her behind the scenes altar serving stories.  So she's going on about the most recent funeral she had served and then says, "Sometimes Father M---------- doesn't always wear pants.  I wonder why."  I insisted that he did wear pants, but she insisted that lots of times he doesn't wear pants to say Mass.  Bryan and I were both laughing and trying very hard to correct her.  You see, Father frequently wears a cassock when we see him at Mass.  Ellie had chimed in that he must like wearing dresses. [Face:Palm] I had to insist over and over that Father does, indeed, wear pants under his cassock and that he wouldn't say Mass with no pants.  And, no, he doesn't wear dresses.   I also needed to explain that cassocks aren't the long version of a kilt.  Madeline didn't like it when I told her that the next time I saw him I was going to tell him that she thinks he goes around saying Mass sans pants.  She wasn't too thrilled with that idea.

I happened to run into Father at the parish office this morning and told him I heard from Madeline that he doesn't always wear pants.  I think he was a bit surprised when I told him.  We had a good laugh and he told me next time he sees Madeline when he's in his cassock that he's going to lift it up a bit and prove that he's wearing pants.  I told him that the girls were opining that maybe a cassock is a bit like a kilt.  Oh my!

On Sunday I was talking to Bryan about something regarding Ellie and one of us mentioned her by her first and last name.  Madeline immediately quips "Who's Elisabeth G****?"  Ellie was offended and Bryan and I were astounded that she didn't recognize her sister's first or last name.  Honestly, it's not like we never call Ellie by her given name.  In fact, I call her Elisabeth at least several times a day.

Our days are certainly filled with many memorable little quotes.  You just never know what they'll say next.

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