Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Katie's First Beach Trip


Katie looks very serious in this picture but I think the picture is so pretty.

I love this picture of Ellie.  Look at the sand on her toes.

Madeline set right to work making a sandcastle.  Unfortunately I failed to snap a picture of it.


With less than a week before school starts the girls were very happy to finally go to the beach on our annual "You can't say I didn't take you to the beach this year trip."  Mind you, they do get to go to the beach in the fall for Christmas card pictures, too.  It's just not the same as going there when it's summer.

Ignore the seagull in the foreground and take a look at the cute little Piping Plovers.  I used to love watching large groups of them scurry along the beach when I lived on the island.  I pointed these endangered birds out to the girls but they weren't terribly interested.


I love how she looks disgusted that she has sand on her hands.  She's certainly fits right in with Bryan and I.


This is what Katie looks like before she attacks.  Funny. Scary. Real.  Look at those cute little chubby baby fingers.
round button chicken


  1. So cute! I can't wait to take my little ones to the beach. It probably won't be until next summer, though!

  2. Looks like a perfect beach day and I think little Katie's swimsuit is too cute.

  3. The beach is so perfect. Wonderful!


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