Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shockingly Easy

I mentioned on Sunday that I was giving selling on Craigslist a try.  I honestly expected to either get no responses on anything I was selling, or to get people like me trying to get what I was selling for next to nothing.  Instead I had a totally different experience.

Last night I checked my email on my phone while Bryan dropped Madeline off at soccer camp.  I was really surprised when I had an email from someone asking if the aquarium bouncer seat I had listed was still available.  She was also interested in the matching activity gym I had listed (proof that mentioning other items you are selling in the ad is a good way to make another sale).  I responded to her that I had both items.  She wanted them both and was willing to pay my asking price.  As if that didn't shock me enough, she also asked what else I had for sale that she could use for when her grandbaby visits.  I sent her a list and later that evening she sent me an email saying she'd like to buy it all to and give her a total and a meeting place for today.  I'm still shocked at my apparent beginner's luck.

Probably the best part of this is the fact that I managed to sell just about everything I listed in one transaction.  Even better is the fact that I made a profit on the items.  I'm still very excited that I got $20 for a mint condition Chicco hook on booster seat that I trash picked from someone in our development a few months ago.  Bryan made fun of me when I rescued it from the curb, but I now have $20 that says trash picking pays.

I met with the buyer's husband this morning and he was very pleased with their new baby gear.  I'm glad my trash picking and yard sale bargain hunting paid off.

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