Thursday, August 18, 2011

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round button chicken

Capturing those moments I won't want to forget.

Ellie was a flower girl in my cousin Brian's wedding.  Here she is before the ceremony posing with the beautiful bride.
Ellie was very serious about her job and made sure she had all the rose petals placed just right.

Ellie and I posed for a quick picture.  Thankfully the hours long downpour had stopped so the bride and groom could get some beautiful pictures outside.

Ellie and the ring bearer occupied themselves by playing while the rest of the bridal party posed for pictures.  I had more than a few moments where I cringed as Ellie came close to snagging her dress on a bush or running through a soaked garden.  Happily, nothing happened to the dress.
The girls and my dad had a really good time dancing.  My mom, who you can see in the background, was also having a great time.

I assume that most if not all of you have seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Well, this past Sunday we attended my cousin's big fat Kenyan wedding.  The bride and her family are from Kenya and  a lot of their Kenyan traditions were infused into this wedding making it a very unique experience.  Several times all the ladies from the bride's side of the family came out to do a dance.  My mom (in the polka dot dress--because she's Aunt Dot) and my aunts decided to join in the fun.  It was a riot watching them.
My dad had a really good time at the wedding.  You can see him swinging his dinner napkin around in this picture. (Seriously, I can't make this stuff up!)  He's to the left of Madeline in this picture.  He ran around for a while twirling the napkin and towel whipping people with it.  We let him have fun, but I stopped him when he started twirling around the wedding cake and dancing on the platform where the bride and groom had their table.  I'll have to tell my younger cousins that my dad is not to do shots with them at the next wedding in two months since I won't be there to keep an eye on him.

It's the wall of commandeered items.  The chair and pillow were once Ellie's and the pictures on the wall used to hang in Madeline's room before we moved.
I found the white ledge shelves I wanted.  Now I just need to find the perfect spot for the beautiful picture that I currently have resting on the one shelf.

Thanks to the creative inspiration of Charlotte who blogs at Waltzing Matilda, I was able to use her decorating idea and pretty up the wall over the dresser with these beautiful flower cards.  I love how it brings a nice punch of color into the nursery.
I'd say I'm pretty well set at this point to have this baby.  Her closet is packed with tons of diapers, wipes and adorable clothing.  


  1. The nursery looks great, and it looks as if a good time was had by all at the wedding.

  2. The nursery looks beautiful! The wedding sounds like it was lots of fun :) Great pictures.

  3. Love the blue in the nursery! I painted the room my girls share this color and am in the process of decorating. I REALLY like the Eeboo cards on the wall. I've had my eye on those and the counting cards with the birds...just can't decide!

  4. I'm long past the time of adorable baby clothes, but I can enjoy them vicariously here instead. Your nursery is very pretty!


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