Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting a Jump on Sleep Deprivation

Why wait until you have a newborn in the house to have sleepless nights?  I couldn't think of a good answer to that question so now I'm sitting here at my laptop trying to pass time.

As if having to wake up multiple times a night to the baby's thrashing about and sucker punches to my internal organs wasn't enough fun, now I'm dealing with some pretty bad acid reflux.  Up until late last week Pepcid AC was doing a great job of keeping the joys of acid reflux at bay in the evening.  I suppose that the baby's size now has something to do with the ramped up intensity of my current state of evening heartburn.

The past few nights haven't provided me with the best sleep, but I did manage to prop myself up in such a way that my esophagus didn't wind up with a hole burnt in it and I got to sleep.  Tonight nothing has worked for me.  I couldn't fall asleep on the couch and nap before bed, and then once I went to bed I only got 2 1/2-3 hours of sleep before finding myself in my present state of misery.

So as I sit here popping Tums, which by the way don't work, I find myself wondering if I'd be able to get sleep if I had a recliner.  Bryan would probably love the prospect of having a recliner in the house, but I really don't like them.  I wouldn't mind borrowing one for a few weeks to see if it lets me get some sleep.


  1. I have had to cut out all acidic foods in order to tame the acid reflux. No tomato sauce, no juice, no coffee, only herbal teas, no black tea, no pickles. I still take some Tums occasionally at night, but it seems to work better since I've removed the heavily acidic stuff from my diet.

  2. Having sleepless nights when you have a baby at the house is normal. Been there done that. :D Anyway, what my mom told me that when the baby is asleep I have to sleep also and schedule doing household chores. It's a matter of managing your chores and your sleep.



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