Sunday, August 21, 2011

Giving Craigslist a Try

Over the past year or so I've made a few purchases through Craigslist.  It's sort of like the internet version of yard sales, only I don't have to follow bad signs and I can actually search for specifically what I want.  I've found that just like regular yard sales you can haggle on the price and I like that.  I love to point out a slight flaw on something that is for sale and make it seem like it's horrible enough to knock 50% off of the asking price.  Usually it catches the seller off guard and they agree.  Other times, I use the walk away tactic after my low ball offer is rejected.  That typically results in the seller chasing me down before I reach my car to tell me they'll take it.  Craigslist is pretty much the same.  Since I go through email when making offers I usually will tell people who reject my offer that they can contact me in a month when it still hasn't sold for their asking price or counter offer.  That usually gets a response a few days later telling me they'll sell it for what I was offering.

Now I'm giving Craigslist a try from the selling side.  Thanks to the Amazon Vine program and generous friends who have passed baby items on to us, some of my yard sale finds are now on Craigslist.  I had picked up some baby gear for my mom's house which wasn't as nice as things I was given so I tossed them up with reasonable prices which leave room for haggling with people like me.  If this venture into the world of selling stuff doesn't work I'll either take it to a consignment shop or I'll do what I normally do and just donate it so I don't have to be bothered.

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  1. I've sold appliances on Craigslist and have been pleased with my interactions. I've tried to give away things free on it and it always infuriates me when you are giving something away free and the person doesn't follow through to come and get the item. I haven't bought anything off Craigslist. Did use it to advertise garage sales.

    I think it is a good service. Just be careful, as you know. A teenager where I live got shot a few months ago going to buy a computer through a Craigslist ad. The "sellers" ambushed him, stole the money he was going to use to buy the computer and shot him. Several iPads were also stolen from people coming to sell them here too. So just be careful and I'm sure you'll do great!



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