Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 12

It's slightly unsettling when you walk into a room and discover that the massive pile of clothes that once occupied a sizable portion of a wall is gone.  Once I get over the initial shock, I feel a wave of relief knowing that I finally got the outgrown clothes sorted.
I think Madeline is trying to soak us this week.  On Monday, the pregnant mom couldn't take being asked "When can we go shopping for school clothes?" one more time.  So I decided to take the kids to Kohls and Children's Place in an attempt to get Madeline off my back.  It worked for approximately eighteen hours.  On Tuesday, she began to pester me about school supplies, again.  I looked up the supply list for the middle school and took her to Target.  That night minutes before soccer practice she informed me that her cleats are too small.  Really? Wednesday she woke up and began to pester me for soccer cleats and a book bag.  So off we went to L.L.Bean to get the bag.  We get home and she tells me she doesn't like the color. [God help me!].  I then go online and buy the same bag in the color she wants thereby making the trip to the store totally pointless.  That evening saw us at Sports Authority buying new cleats and soccer sandals.  Surely the kid would be content on Thursday morning, right?  HA! "Mom, when are you going to get me new glasses?  Mine are all bent." [Mom takes a deep breath and tries to remember what the young, childless priest told her about needing to be charitable, prudent and patient, when she went to confession last Saturday.]  First, I calmly explained that we've spent quite a lot of money on her this week and we have other expenses and needs [like food for pregnant mom] that we need to address.  Then, completely throwing the valid and wise advice from the priest out the window I proceeded to tell her that she was insane if she thought we were going to spend $500 on her in a single week.  An hour or two later I asked a FB friend where she got her daughter's glasses and she told me about how she got two pairs for under $90.  So I caved, took both girls to this place and got them two pairs each for less than what I paid for Ellie's current pair.  Friday morning came and Madeline hasn't asked for a single thing.
My body has now caught onto the fact that I am indeed in my third trimester.  I had been feeling pretty good lately, but the past few days I've been incredibly tired.  I even slept late a few mornings this week.
I'm continually in amazement that I am only nine weeks away from my due date.  Both of my girls were born at 38 weeks on the nose, so I suspect I'll be holding a new baby girl in my arms sometime in the next 7-9 weeks.  Amazing.
A frappuccino from Starbucks is responsible for me powering through the outgrown clothes in my bedroom and getting the downstairs cleaned on Tuesday night.  It's also the reason I didn't go to bed until 3AM.  I guess in the scheme of things it was well worth it.  Imagine, for under $5 I can have my house look like a cleaning crew swooped in late at night.  Of course, I'm the one doing all the work.  It would be better to have an actual cleaning crew.
This week has been rather productive for me in terms of writing reviews.  I managed to review five items that were on my to do list.  I'm trying to get everything caught up before the baby arrives.  No idea if it's possible or not.
I'm working towards getting the wooden crates for the family room and Ellie's room finished.  I finally went out and brought black stain for the family room crate and got to work on finishing the crate yesterday.  I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this weekend.  Ellie's crates should be finished by tomorrow.  I put what I hope is the final coat of white spray paint on them this morning.  Now I just need to go buy fabric for the liners and break out the sewing machine.  These projects feel like they're never ending.

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