Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Review: My Grammar and I...Or Should That Be Me?

The grammar loving geek in me squealed with delight when I was asked if I'd be interested in reviewing this title.  Of course I'd be interested in checking out a book on grammar that is intended to be a useful reference for students and their parents!

Caroline Taggart and J.A. Wines have put together an easy to understand guide to grammar in their My Grammar and I...Or Should That Be Me?-How to speak and Write it Right.  The book comes across as the big brother version of another grammar book I recently reviewed entitled Write (Or Is That "Right"?) Every Time.  My Grammar and I is a book which I think would be of benefit to students ranging from seventh grade through college and beyond.  The book covers many areas of grammar which many people typically bungle.  Pretty much, if it's something that would make a grammar teacher want to pull out her hair and scream, it's explained in this book with easy to understand explanations.

If you're a grammar geek and you think you know it all, you'll likely be amused by the Smart Aleck asides that are sprinkled throughout the text.  There are many other occasions for the grammar expert to learn a few new things as he pages through this book.

Having been afforded the opportunity to read this book and Write (Or Is That "Right"?) Every Time, I would only recommend this book for students who aren't going to totally glaze over at the sight of this book. While it has some fun facts, it certainly has a more serious focus than the other title which is geared to a younger audience.  Older grammar geeks, like myself, will also appreciate My Grammar and I.  This book is certainly a nice reference book to have on hand for those moments when those pesky grammar questions arise.

My Grammar and I...Or Should That Be Me? is published by Reader's Digest.  The book is available in ebook and hardcover versions.  The hardcover version retails for $14.95.  You can take a peek inside this book at by visiting the product page.

I was provided with a complimentary review copy of this book by FSB Media in exchange for my honest review.

Later this week I will be hosting a giveaway of this title sponsored by FSB Media.  Stay tuned for details  to win a copy of this book.

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  1. Ok another book I really MUST read! My grammar is HORRID, and I even thought of taking a class to edumacate myself :p. Thanks Karen. Looking forward to checking it out!


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