Thursday, May 7, 2009

Umm...thanks, but no thanks!

I was looking around on a message board that I frequent and I came across a link to a story about Judy Blume.  I remember as a kid reading one of her books and by the time I got about 20 pages into it I decided that not only was the book not to my liking, but also that I didn't like her as an author.  I set the book aside and  never opened it up again.  I never understood the friends I had who devoured her books the way I did the Baby Sitters Club series and many classic books.  I have many friends who think highly of her work, and constantly tell me that I missed out as a kid and should buy her books for Madeline, who is an avid reader. After reading the article from the link on the message board, I have decided that there is no way on God's green Earth that I'll ever spend any money on books written by this twisted individual.

Apparently, Ms. Blume thinks that a donation to Planned Parenthood would make a lovely Mother's Day gift.  Is there any gift out there that is more sick than one that says "Gee Mom, I love you so much that I funded the murder of an innocent child in your name!"?  Nothing quite like giving a gift of abject horror and guilt to dear Mother.  It's kind of like saying "Hey Mom, you probably should have aborted me when you had the chance, but since you didn't I'm having a baby killed in your honor. Happy Mother's Day!".  Blume feels that such a donation would surely please your mother.  I'm fairly certain that my mother wouldn't want that gift, and I know I wouldn't want it either.  Why not a donation to a crisis pregnancy center so that another woman can know the joys of motherhood?  I think most moms would be proud to have a son or daughter who made a such a thoughtful donation in her honor.

So I wonder, does Judy Blume realize that by supporting Planned Parenthood she's killing children who might have purchased her books?  If I was an author I wouldn't want to support killing off my intended audience.

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  1. My mom wouldn't let me read Judy Blume because of some adult books she wrote, and I in turn won't let my kids read her either.


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