Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's the little things that amuse me

Bryan and I just put the girls to bed.  Ellie has continued on her path of trying to drive me insane.  I think at this point that my little goofball is now deliberately transposing syllables and letters in words, or she has hit her head a few times too many.  I just got a request to read "The Very Hungry Paterkiller".  Sounds like a lovely bedtime story, doesn't it?  I would love to say that she transposed it because she was tired, but even when she's not "tie-red" she does this stuff.  If you try to correct her she digs her stubborn little Ellie heels in and insists that her pronunciation is the correct one.

When I went into Madeline's room she told me about a little accident she had in school today.  Seems the poor child slipped on a pencil in class and fell flat on her back and hit her head.  So of course, I imagine this scene in my head and start laughing at her.  I'm sure most moms would feel bad for their child, but I'm not most moms.  I'm standing there laughing and telling her how I wish I could have been there to see it happen.   Sure, if she had cracked her head open or sustained a concussion I would have felt bad for her, but she didn't so it is perfectly acceptable for me to laugh.  I did ask her if she cried (she didn't) and I asked what her teacher said.  The teacher sent her to the nurse who in turn gave her ice.  Joshua, who I am told is one of the "bad" kids, shared my feelings about the situation.  Madeline tells me that he immediately told her to watch out for that pencil after she fell.  Gotta love the sarcastic kid.  Poor kid got his clip moved off of green for that.  I hope the vision of Madeline in mid-air (that's how I'm choosing to picture this scene since I wasn't actually there) was enough to make having his clip being moved off green a worthwhile thing.

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