Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Successes

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.
1. I finally got all the bags of hand-me-down clothes that need to be given away out of my living room.  6 bags of clothes take up a lot of space.
2. After much searching, I found a quilt for Ellie's room that matches her existing sheets and goes with her wall color. I no longer have to deal with her poorly made lumpy Tommy Hilfiger comforter that didn't last 10 months.  Now, I'm just waiting for the new bedskirt and accent pillow for her arm chair to arrive.

3. I have just about everything on the main level of the house cleaned and ready for the party we're having after Madeline's First Communion.  Only two more days left!  I'm excited for her.

Bonus #1: Yesterday we got Madeline's new glasses just in time for her First Communion (I've been worried that they wouldn't be ready in time).  Now she won't have to wear beat up glasses on her big day.  I don't know what that girl does to her glasses, but she sure is hard on them.

Bonus #2: I managed to not kill naughty Mr. Furkins today.  Someone decided that it would be a good idea to dig in the backyard after 7 days of rain.  That someone also mistakenly thought that we would be pleased that he decided to dig up an area where we are desperately trying to grow grass that was destroyed during the pool construction last year.  In making these most terrible decisions, Mr. Furkins has caused me 1 load of laundry, a dog bath and the necessary cleaning of a now muddy tub.  Thanks, Mr. Furkins, I don't already have a ton of stuff to do between today and Saturday morning.


  1. Great job on the successes this week. I read your First Holy Communion post (the Linky Link went there instead) and I will pray for your family this Sunday. Don't forget to enjoy it - find a way! I treasure the FHC day of my first, not that there weren't a few annoyances, but he was so eager that it helped me to remember and re-enter the sacrament in a new way myself. Bless you as your child receives Our Lord. And Happy Mother's Day - don't let the logistics steal the joy.

  2. The bed looks great! Good Luck with the First Holy Communion! My oldest is receiving this Saturday.


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