Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sure, they seem like such unassuming vegetables, but did you know they can make you lose sleep?  How?  Well, if you sign up to provide carrots for your child's preschool class and you realize that you didn't buy them the night before the morning when they're due, you can lose sleep obsessing about how you once again forgot something for your child's class.

I'm not sure why I'm always forgetting the stuff I volunteered to send in for Ellie's class.  Maybe I don't like 3 and 4 year old kids.  Or, maybe I don't want the teacher's lesson plans for the edible alphabet to go as planned. Or, maybe I just need to learn to write this stuff down on my trusty Mom's Family Calendar.  I do, in fact, like Ellie's cute little Busy Bears class and their wonderful teacher.  I'm fairly certain that Miss Susan probably thinks I'm a ditz.  Then again, she's probably just really grateful that I remember to pick Ellie up at the proper time each day.  I was relating my forgotten carrots story to the director of Ellie's school today and telling her how I never forget anything for Madeline's school, but if it's for Ellie's class I always remember at the last minute.  She's kind and tells me it's because Ellie only goes two days a week and Madeline is at school all week long.  I think I only have the capacity to manage one kid in school.

So this morning I pawned Madeline off on my neighbor (not the ones the give me random ingredients or birthday pies).  I called her up and explained that I forgot carrots for Ellie and that I couldn't drop Madeline off at school,  stop at the grocery store for carrots and still get Ellie to school on time.  She kindly agreed to give Madeline a ride.  It's so nice to have good neighbors.  I don't think Madeline was too thrilled that I opted out of taking her to school.

So the carrot crisis has been averted.  And do you know what I did as soon as I dropped off the carrots?  I signed up to provide the cupcakes for the preschool graduation.  Will I remember the cupcakes at the last minute?  Your guess is as good as mine, but I think I'm going to go write it on my calendar right now!


  1. Ugh! I just typed a comment and it was deleted because of some error on page! Frustrating!

    Ahem... As I was saying, I'm with you on this. I signed up to help with my son's end of the year chess club party. Can't find much in stores for a chess themed party, so I ended up making chocolate chess pieces. I have a feeling I"ll be up late finishing it :)

  2. Oh, these little requests from teachers just drive me crazy! It seems like such a small thing to her but we have so many things to remember already. I try not to sign up for things this way if I remember to bring something it will be an added bonus rather than someone be mad at me because I forgot to bring in something for the bake sale or whatever.


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