Thursday, May 7, 2009

I have awesome neighbors!

I wrote last week (I think it was last week) about how I'm that crazy neighbor that asks to borrow sugar and other random food items.  The neighbor that I ask for the food is just really nice.  She doesn't tell me to take and hike and go to the store and buy some food or anything like that.  I feel very fortunate to have such a nice neighbor.

I have other great neighbors, too.  There's a family that lives around the corner from us with three little girls who like to play with my girls.  I get along great with their mother, Kelly.  She accepts me and all my crazy characteristics.  Her husband, Steve, is a really nice guy, too.  Yesterday on the way to pick up Madeline from school Steve was driving behind me.  He noticed that my break light was out and was kind enough to tell me when I got to the school.  You're reading this and saying well that's just common courtesy, right?  Well, I mentioned that I'd have to go get a bulb and hope that Bryan would get around to taking care of it for me soon.  Steve, being the awesome neighbor that he is, told me he would change my break light for me.  I am incredibly grateful that Steve not only alerted me to the blown out bulb but, also replaced it for me.  I really have the best neighbors.  As far as I'm concerned, Steve saved me a second trip to the inspection station.  My car is due for inspection this month.  If I didn't know about the break light, I would have failed the inspection and that would have cost me another trip to the inspection station.  So while it may have seen like a small thing to him, it really meant a lot to me.

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