Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guilty or not?

Hmm...that's the looming question here.  Last Saturday while sitting on the love seat in the family room (wanted a change of scenery since I own sitting rights to the couch), Mr. Furkins, in a dubious plot to cause destruction, brought me a ball.  The dog, as well as every other breathing creature on the planet who has seen me throw a ball, knows that I pretty much have no aim.  Did I hit the plasma tv?  No, that would destroy my documentary watching and probably land me out on the street as a homeless person and I wouldn't be blogging right now.  Did I knock another picture off the wall? No, of course not since I was throwing the ball in a carpeted room (Pictures only fall off the wall in areas with no carpet, we have to keep things interesting here!).  Did I break a window? No, of all the things I could possibly hit, I hit the screen portion of Bryan's MacBook Pro.  Now in my defense, he knew I was throwing the ball in his direction, and he was ready to catch it (we like to tease Mr. Furkins).  So my throw went slightly awry and squarely hit the apple in the center of Bryan's laptop top.  I knew instantly that I had just turned into a pumpkin.  I'm pretty sure Bryan growled at me.  Not wanting to be the guilty party here, I yelled at the dog (he is the resident scapegoat, and he seems to be OK with it as long as we feed him).  I also decided that it was a good time to stop playing ball with Oscar, too, since I don't want to break anything.

So let's fast forward to Saturday night.  Bryan somehow managed to not freak out on me for the ball incident.  For some reason, his laptop was mysteriously experiencing some technical difficulties.  He spent a decent amount of time working on getting it fixed.  I spent most of that time cleaning and doing things that made me look disinterested and unaware of what he was doing.  Every once in a while, I'd stupidly ask what he was doing and get reminded that we had a little ball incident earlier in the day.  

Last night, Bryan's computer (the laptop apparently hates me) decided to stop working and wouldn't start up for Bryan at all.  So my technical, computer geek spouse had to set up a Genius Bar appointment at our local Mac store.  I think when you are someone like Bryan, when it comes to computers, that seeking tech support is an emasculating experience.  So while he dealt with the Genius Bar guy, I got to stand by as the computer killer and watch the girls play games on the Macs set up for kids.  I'm not sure how long we were there exactly, but I do know that I got to have my ears blasted by an obnoxious Dora the Explorer game.  The Mac Ellie was using had some sort of issue where you couldn't control the volume.  I think I can still hear the Dora the Explorer song.

Bryan will now be without his beloved MacBook for 3-7 days.  With the holiday weekend coming up, I suspect it will be on the longer end.  At most, the repairs will be $350.  Amazing how an $7 Kong ball can cause so much damage, isn't it?  I cautiously asked my agitated Bryan if the Genius Bar tech thought the problems were related to a direct hit from a ball.  Bryan tells me that it most likely is given that they can't get the laptop to start up.  He's clearly not happy with me and I know he's very annoyed that he doesn't have his laptop, but he hasn't come out and blamed me for the incident. Want to know what the worst part all of this is?  If this had happened a month ago, it would have been covered by the Apple Care protection.

So am I guilty?  He knows I can't throw accurately and he knew the ball was coming his way.  I tend to think I'm not, but maybe I am.

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