Monday, June 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Late Night Crafting

We went to Mass on Saturday night this week (we normally do) and I never got around to having one of the girls taking a picture of what I wore to Mass.  Of course, I realized this at about 11:30 on Saturday night after Bryan had fallen asleep on the couch.  Ordinarily I'd be wearing my favorite lounge wear that late at night, but I had found myself engrossed in night #2 of crafting so I was still dressed.  Not wanting to wake Bryan I decided to pull out my camera remote and snap a picture of my outfit.
So this week's outfit consists of a maroon scoop neck tee from the Gap (it's at least four years old) and a Whatever Skort from Athleta.  I love this skort so much that I have it in three colors.  It's got lightweight shorts attached so I don't have to worry about my toddler lifting up my skirt in skirt in public.

Madeline was the cross bearer at Mass on Saturday.  She and the other girl who was serving did rock paper scissors to determine who would get the coveted job of cross bearer/book bearer/bell ringer.  This is the second week in a row that Madeline has been the cross bearer for Mass.  I came to the realization on Saturday that Madeline is at the point where she is now one of the older altar servers.  We have a handful high school kids who altar serve but most of the kids are in 4th-8th grade.  Now that she's heading into 7th grade she really is one of the older kids.

With Madeline altar serving that left us with just Katie and Ellie in the pew.  Ellie did her best to distance herself from us as Katie acted like Katie.  I think Ellie tries to pretend she's at Mass by herself or with other people sometimes.  Katie had a few moments of loudness but overall she wasn't bad.  We went to the 4PM Mass instead of the 5:30 and I think that keeps her from being overly cranky.  

After Mass we formally met our new parochial vicar. [The girls and I had gone to him for confession earlier in the day, and I had already been to a few daily Masses where he was the celebrant.]   He seems like he could be a fun guy.  As we chatted with him Bryan suggested that I ask him if he'd like to dress up in the cowboy costume that I've been trying to get my deacon friend to wear for VBS.  Bryan thinks I have a good shot at convincing him.  I did tell Father that I thought it would make the kids happy.  Of course, I also think it would make for some great pictures for the VBS slideshow.  Maybe if we offer him dinner we can bribe him to wear the costume.

So how about the late night crafting?  Well a few days ago I went a bit nuts when I discovered the huge messes my girls have been concealing in their bedrooms.  One likes to hide dirty clothes and the other likes to stash candy wrappers all over her room.  Their rooms still aren't clean but a start has been made.  Bryan and I determined that check lists, and a sheet outlining the morning routine just isn't working.  The girls had excitedly told us about a chore chart their friends had so we figured maybe that would work.  I took what they told me about the chart along with elements from other families chore charts and came up with something I hope will work for us.

On Friday night I was up late working on the first version of the chore chart.  It was a bunch of cutting, labeling and laminating about 30 chore flowers.  I went to bed around 1:30 feeling exhausted.  On Saturday I decided I wanted to use prettier papers and needed to create chore flowers that were more specific.  For some reason my children need me to micromanage them right down to telling them the number of times they need to brush their teeth.

Here's a peek at Ellie's chore chart.  I'll be writing up a post on the chore charts with more pictures soon.  

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