Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review: Wrapped Up

Just this past week I delved into Teresa Tomeo and Cheryl Dickow's Wrapped Up God's Ten Gifts for Women.  In many ways, this book had a lot of parallels with Tammy Evevard's Becoming the Woman God Made You to Be.  Both include engaging and inspiring anecdotal stories drawn from the authors' personal experiences.  The underlying message, of course, is empowering women to see the beauty of God's plan for them.

I found Wrapped up to be a beautifully inspiring book.  Teresa and Cheryl beautifully illustrate God's gifts for women while exposing the "feminism" of our secular culture for what it is.  They'll help you to see that that God want's so much more for us as his beloved daughters than our modern culture offers us when it tries to homogenize us with men.

The book is filled with timeless and timely truths that are found throughout the chapters of this book.   These truths are inspirational quotes and scripture verses that in and of themselves will give readers plenty to ponder.  Readers will also find "Timeless Takeaways" throughout the book which also provide plenty of food for thought to take to heart as you unlock the beauty of God's gifts for us.

In the case of Cheryl and Teresa we get to see how their lives were transformed as they came to recognize and embrace God's radical love for them.  Their stories will leave you feeling inspired and will hopefully help you to better understand the amazing gift of love God has for each of us as His daughter.

Wrapped up, is much more than just a collection of anecdotal stories from the authors.  They also masterfully illustrate God's gifts for us through scripture as they explain how God's love transformed many women from the bible.  They're take on many of these stories helped me see them in a different light.  I had more than a few moments where I was amazed at how a bible story I knew pretty well was presented with a different perspective that uncovered another facet that I had never considered before.

Wrapped Up is a great book to read on your own, but you can also use this book in a group setting.  There's even a companion journal for this book to help you get even more from this book.  The companion journal gives you additional scripture passages, excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, additional insights from the authors and a series of discussion questions for each chapter.  There's even room for you to journal what you have taken away from each chapter.  Combined with the companion journal, I think this would be an awesome book to use with a women's group.  Used in group setting this book would require ten meetings to discuss the chapters and delve into the catechism and scripture verses for each section.  

I was provided with review copies of Wrapped Up and it's companion journal by the publisher, Servant Books, in exchange for my honest review.  You can take a sneak peek into the book and the companion journal at Amazon.

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