Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten Books I Plan to Read This Summer

Some years I'm a summertime reading machine and other years I'm not so much.  I have a stack of review books that is over two feet high.  I'd love to set a goal of reading them all over the next three months but that's not realistic.  I also have a lot of great books that I purchased for myself or was given as gifts for my birthday or Christmas that I simply haven't had time to read.  So here's my list of books I hope to read this summer.


I think the title, Raising God-First Kids In A Me-First World, is pretty self-explanatory.  I'm hoping this book will offer some additional insight to how we already parent.


I already started reading this book.  I'm three chapters in and I'm really considering whether or not I should try to take on praying part of the Liturgy of the Hours.  I had considered it a while back but most of what I read pretty much indicated that you'd need to seek out a priest to walk you through how to use a breviary and that was enough to scare me off.  I've mentioned that I have a bit of a priest phobia before, right?  I think I've made some great strides in overcoming it over the past several years.  Chipping away at it bit by bit.


I've been wanting to read this book since it arrived in my mailbox many months ago but I hadn't found the time.  I read the first few chapters the other day and I think it's a really good book.  I can't wait to read the rest of it.

I'm going to accept the challenge our pastor placed before us at daily Mass a week or two ago to read all four of the gospels this summer.  The last time I sat down and read them in entirety was when I was in college before I converted.  I think I'll appreciate it a bit more this time around especially since I won't be reading the KJV translation.  I can even pull it up on my laptop thanks to the awesome USCCB website.

I offered to review this book for Fr. Mark last Summer and then I just never got around to reading the book.  To be honest, after seeing smaller type I gave up a few pages into the book because I simply couldn't read it when I was battling headaches practically every day.  Now that I've kicked my Starbucks habit and the headaches have gone away I can read the book.

I started to read this during Lent and then I just couldn't read it anymore.  So I'd like to finish The Fellowship of the Ring before the kids start school in September.

It's funny how reading saints books geared to kids piques my interest in wanting to know more about these saints.  After reading this book to Katie, I found myself wanting to read more about St. John Mary Vianney so if I make it through most of what I'm reading I'll be ordering a copy of this book.

I got this book on JPII for Christmas and I'm looking forward to reading it.

This should be a relatively quick book to read.  I've been reading a lot of books that focus on new evangelization.  So far the best one I've read on the subject is The New Evangelization and You by Greg Willits.

I hope to find an afternoon or two where I can sit down and read the manuscript for a book that an old friend from high school wrote.  She sent me the manuscript a few months ago and asked me to read it.  She's thinking of self publishing the book.  It's a fiction novel involving angels and demons.  I read the first few pages and the book is written in a writing style that reminds me of my friend.
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