Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 Marian ATC Swap

For the past few years the older girls and I have participated in the Marian ATC (artist trading card) swap that is hosted by Kimberlee and her lovely family over at Pondered in My Heart.  Since May came and went without any word of an ATC I sort of assumed that it wasn't happening this year, so I was delighted when I saw this morning that they're still hosting one for this year.  You can get all of the details here.  
I like that this ATC swap is a fun way to honor Our Blessed Mother.  You just have to make five trading cards.  You don't need to be an amazing artist to participate.  Even people like me who can't do much more than draw funny stick figures can join in on the fun.  If you can't draw or paint, think outside the box.  Last year I made cards that I decoupaged with layered tissue paper to make the Immaculate Heart.  My girls experimented with watercolors, markers, and colored pencils.  Who knows what they'll do this year.  I may even give Katie a few cards to see what she can do.  I imagine there will probably be a few other toddlers who will participate.

I learned two years ago that you can also make your own 2.5x3.5 trading cards by cutting them out of watercolor paper or card stock.  It winds up being a lot more cost effective than buying the precut ones at the craft store.  And, if you're like me you don't have to worry that you're wasting lots of cards if you're like me and the girls and you make a lot of mistakes along the way in trying to make that prefect card.  You can get about 9 cards out of a sheet of 9x12 paper.

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  1. I've heard of ATC swaps, but Marian ATC swaps are something new for me. What a fantastic idea!


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