Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Takes: Volume 74

I've determined that we have no ability to pack light when traveling with a toddler.  Pack heavy and bring pretty much everything.  That's how we roll.
While packing this morning I came to the realization that everything I wanted to bring for the baby had half of the outfit still in the laundry.  Ugh!  I suppose it would have helped if we started to pack a day or two before we were set to leave instead of an hour or two before leaving.  On the bright side, it's hot enough out that the clothes I tossed in the washer dried by time time we got to where we are staying.  I guess the heat in the car while we visited my father-in-law was enough to dry the clothes.
Have I ever mentioned that I grew up with out air conditioning in an area with super high humidity?  Sometimes I forget how much I hated summer and the horrid humidity that makes you feel gross.  I'm being reminded of it right now as I sit in my hometown in a place with room air conditioners that are starting to cool off the place.  I am so grateful for air conditioning.
I'm hot in the turning beet red sense of the word.  Much like I was two nights ago at the church carnival.  Have a mentioned how much I miss my air conditioned home?
Madeline's soccer tournament begins tomorrow.  It's her first Beach Blast tournament so I'm looking forward to seeing what the games will be like.  Of course, I'm not looking forward to sitting out in the heat on the beach while wrangling a toddler who is probably going to be covered in sand.
We're taking the kids up to the boardwalk later tonight to go on rides.  My sister-in-law and my father-in-law are going to meet up with us.  The kids should have fun on the rides.

I have a busy week ahead of me with final preparations for VBS.  I have a lot of things I need to do this weekend while we're away and then more things to take care of once we get back.  On top of all of this I still need to send out birthday invitations for Ellie's party.  I plan on relaxing on July 14th in case any of you were wondering.

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