Monday, May 30, 2011

Stomach Bug

Last week Madeline was sick with a stomach bug.  I blogged about her vomiting just before the ultrasound on Monday and her being home from school for essentially three days.  Now I'm sick and I'm totally miserable.  I haven't felt this bad since I had the flu for almost two weeks two years ago.

I spent all day yesterday with an awful pain on my right side combined with heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms.  I woke up this morning feeling totally beat.  I managed to squeeze in eating a little this morning and watching a part of a movie with the family before I decided that camping out in my bedroom where I could be close to my favorite bathroom was the choice place to be.

At the moment I desperately want to feel better so I can enjoy what's left of the weekend.  And, I'm probably making myself feel worse as I worry that my poor baby is probably also feeling sick as a result of whatever bug I have.  The baby has just been moving around a lot the past two days and I wonder if she is feeling as miserable as I do.

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