Friday, May 20, 2011

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round button chicken

I know I'm a day late on this, but I still wanted to do a post.  This one is all done with my iPhone with the exception of the one picture that isn't mine that I've decided to share anyway.


We saw this rainbow as soon as we stepped out of Target this evening and were delighted to see that it stayed with us until we got home.  You can't tell in this picture, but there are actually two rainbows.  There's a VERY faint one above the vivid one.


Ellie drew this picture complete with happy clouds and sun during the final religious education class for the third graders last night.


Saturday night, Kelly, who blogs at Xtrophy Design Studio, texted this picture of her husband to my husband.  I'll honestly never look at a Spiderman mask the same way again.  Flyers' fans don't dress like this to watch games at home, but Bruins' fans apparently do.  I think it goes without saying that Bryan and I were very amused by the picture.  As soon as I saw it I told Bryan to text her back and tell her I was claiming it for this blog post.


These are just a fraction of the delicious homegrown strawberries that I picked today.  There will be plenty more in the coming weeks.

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