Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small Successes-February 10th

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. Ellie is on the mend.  I didn't blog about it, but she was sick last week.  She stayed home from school on Thursday and Friday with a fever of 102, but the only thing she complained about was a stomach ache.  Figuring she had something viral, I decided we'd wait it out.  Saturday she was peppy and happy.  I thought she was better.  Then she crashed at Mass that night and seemed a little iffy.  Sunday morning she went to religious ed with me and quickly declined.  I had to have Bryan come and pick her up.  Once I was done teaching we ran her over to the Walgreens Take Care Clinic.  Turns out she had a double ear infection, yet every time I asked her her ears or throat hurt she said no.  Now she's on an antibiotic and is feeling much better.  After three days of having a sick kid at home (she missed school on Monday, too), I'm happy that she was able to go back to school.   She was missing her friends.

2. The girls actually want to clean the house.  I guess my neat freak qualities rubbed off on them.  They're now into cleaning bathroom sinks, sweeping floors and wiping off the kitchen table.  I don't know what got into them, but I hope it sticks around.  I could use the extra help.

3. The laundry is remarkably under control.  I had a big pile up at the beginning of the week but I got through it and now it's totally manageable.  Yay!


  1. Glad Ellie is feeling better!
    Yay for help around the house and cute too!

  2. Taking care of sick kids doesnt leave time for blogging. Glad shes feeling better

  3. Glad Ellie is feeling better! And how exciting to have some extra hands to help around the house. I came home on Tuesday to a husband who was mopping the dining room floor...I almost passed out on it from suprise!

  4. I am so glad your young one is feeling better. Wonderful list of successes!


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