Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Narrowing Down the Options

I've been preparing all the necessary documents necessary to register the girls at our parish school.  The school, for some reason would not provide registration forms before the actual registration date.  This seemingly simple little thing bothered me immensely.  I like to be prepared ahead of time, so I would have been happy to have the forms in advance.

Tonight I got a reminder email from the school letting me know what they require for registration.  Then I scrolled down and saw the tuition for 2011-12.  It jumped $600 for the first child and $250 for the second child.  While I realize it's just $850 more, it's just enough to put the option out of consideration.

I'm disappointed, but I suspect that it's a sign that this simply isn't the right option for us.  Today has just been one of those days where a lot of major things fell into place and narrowing down the education options has just been one of them.

We're now trying to discern whether or not homeschooling is a viable option for our family.  Both girls want to attend the public school.  Madeline could go either way, but her preference is to go to the public school with her friends.  I am not sure if my concerns about the middle school are totally unfounded or not.  I know several families who really like the school and only a few who have had anything negative to say.  Ellie is pretty desperate to go to the public elementary school.

I will now spend the next several months trying to discern which of my remaining two options is best for the girls.   I hadn't expected that I'd have an answer about the parish school so soon.  Two weeks ago when I mentioned my concerns about the school issue to another mother, she suggested that I not only pray about it (which I had been doing quite a lot) but that I also put it in God's hands.  I did just that on Saturday before Mass.  I'd say I got a rather fast response.  And in some ways, I think I got my answer today about the other two options, but I'll continue to pray about it.

I'm now going to go sigh, and try to find peace in knowing that I no longer have to worry over this particular option.  Besides, I've got bigger things on my mind.  I'll blog more on that in the future.

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