Saturday, February 19, 2011


Madeline wasn't exactly thrilled yesterday when she found out that Ellie not only got to go to the zoo, but she also got to spend time with my parents.  In fact, when I asked Ellie if she wanted to go to the zoo with me she responded that she wanted to go to Mom Mom and Pop Pop's house.  Defeated, I called my parents and asked them if they had any plans for the day.  They agreed to come to the zoo which made Ellie one happy little girl.

On our ride home from the hair dresser this morning Madeline decided to ask Ellie about the zoo trip.  She apparently had gotten over her jealousy or annoyance at the fact that we went to the zoo without her.  She asked what animals she got to see.  Ellie excitedly told her that she got to see the crocodiles.  I corrected her and told her it was an alligator.  That's when Madeline came out with the profound statement of "Oh, so you saw a girl alligator!"  I explained that we didn't know the gender of the alligator to which she replied "I thought crocodiles were boys and alligators were girls!"  I told her that species don't work that way and that it would be like saying that cats are girls and dogs are boys.  Ellie, presumably flexing her 5 1/2 year old know-it-all muscle, had to comment that she knew they were different.

The little misconceptions never cease to amaze me.

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