Friday, February 4, 2011

Equipping Catholic Families

About a week ago, Monica from Arma Dei contacted me and told me about her new blog called Equipping Catholic Families.  On her blog you can not only find reviews of Arma Dei products, but you can also find some really cute craft ideas.  Some of the ideas come straight from Monica's book, A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

If you're facing a snow day and the looming boredom or insanity that comes with such days, she has an idea that is not only really creative, but should also keep your kids out of your hair for a little while.  I love that she took items that most of us can find in our house and turned them in to a castle.
And, if you have a kid who can't get enough of the game Guess Who? she even came up with an awesome template so you can play Guess Who? using the saints.  We have an old version of Guess Who?, but seeing Monica's Guess Who? saint templates makes me want to go out and buy the newer edition so the girls and I can play this game with saints.

You can also follow Arma Dei on Facebook where you'll find previews of her latest craft ideas that have been posted on Equipping Catholic Families.

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