Monday, April 20, 2009


Apparently, today is a tooth day.  This morning I had to trek down to my dentist's office in Stone Harbor for the second Monday in a row.  Last week it was for Madeline and I to get our teeth cleaned and today was filling day for me.  I had a 4 year cavity-free streak.  I'm hoping to go at least another 4 years before the next one hits.  I'm running out of cavity free teeth at this point, but it's probably all due to my candy addiction.  I can't get enough of candy.
Madeline lost another tooth today.  That brings her lost tooth count up to five.  This child is not going to have any teeth in her mouth by the time her First Holy Communion rolls around in less than three weeks.  She lost her two front teeth within the past 6 weeks and now she's missing another bottom tooth.  She's all smiles today since she's been anticipating the imminent loss of this tooth for about two weeks.  Looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting our house tonight.  I hope she doesn't forget like the time before the last tooth.  Madeline was devastated but Bryan managed to convince her that she didn't look hard enough in her tooth box for the money.  I think the tooth fairy, realizing that she forgot to claim a tooth when she woke to the sound of a disappointed seven year old, waited for her to go downstairs to watch TV on Saturday morning and then sneaked into her room and traded money for tiny tooth and went back to bed.  

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