Friday, April 24, 2009

They're done!

I just finished painting all the doors on the main level. Inside I'm really happy that I'm done, but my body isn't feeling as enthusiastic about this job being completed.  My back, neck, arms and hands hurt.  I guess I pushed myself a little too far this week.  And since I spent too many hours breathing in paint fumes I now have a massive headache, but it's only on the right side.  
I need a Margherita pizza from Rustico.  They make my version of pizza heaven.  The pizza may not make my headache go away but it will make me feel better.  Pizza and candy are my ultimate comfort foods.  I have to wait another 40 minutes before I can order my delightful pizza since I want Madeline's slice of run of the mill pepperoni pizza to still be hot when she gets home from school. Her school has had half days most of this week and they don't let the poor kids have lunch at school on half days.  She's been coming home famished the past 3 days.
I think Ellie is happy that I'm done with the painting.  She did a little dance where she was shaking her tush when I told her I was done.  It's nice to see that someone is happy to see that I'm done running myself into the ground for a little bit.  She wanted to pose in front of the door when I was taking a picture of my work.  See how the door and woodwork match?  I'm very happy that I will be looking at a  nicely painted doorway when I'm eating from now on.  I love how Ellie just had to put her hands on the freshly painted door.  I give it less than a week before it is covered in dirty fingerprints.

I have a mountain of laundry that I need to tackle sometime today.  Bryan hasn't had any clean jeans for a few days now.  He thinks its my evil plot to make him wear khakis.  If I recall correctly, he didn't have any jeans for Mass on Sunday, so he had to dress nicely (poor guy). And yesterday I noticed he wore nice pants to work.  I asked him if he was dressing nicely for me, but apparently he was dressed in khakis because his lazy wife who's been playing with paint and pulling weeds never got around to washing his clothes.  Now I know what I have to do to get him to dress nicer (insert maniacal laughter here).

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