Thursday, April 23, 2009

Attack of the Mommy Brain!

Before I had kids, I had an amazing memory.  Tell me something once and I'd never forget it.  After I had Madeline the memory was still pretty good, but I'd have Mommy moments here and there.  No big deal.  Now I'm lucky most days if I can remember my name let alone my kids'.  Ask poor Ellie.  That child gets called "Madel-Oh that's not your name!-the other kid" all the time.  Such a sad state my poor memory is in these days.
I realized around midnight last night that I was supposed to bring in a 22 or 23 ounce bag of marshmallow's for Ellie's class, but couldn't remember when I needed them.  Then I sat there in my paint fume induced confused state, no doubt, and thought it was odd that the ounce of the marshmallow bag was specified on the sign up sheet.  That's when it occurred to me that I must have had another Mommy Brain moment (Mommy Guilt, that was your entrance cue).  Yeah, so I take a look at the calendar and realize that the MWF class needed the marshmallows for the 22nd and Ellie's class needed them for the 23rd. The only marshmallow items in the house are peeps and there was simply no way I could get the marshmallows before school since I have to drop Madeline off first.  This isn't the first Mommy Brain moment of the week.  I also forgot to remind Madeline to take her library books to school on Monday, so I'm expecting another late notice from the school any day now.  And as I type this, I realize that I never emailed Madeline's teacher to let her know that Madeline needs to leave her glasses at her desk for P.E. today.  I told Madeline to tell her teacher to check her email in an hour because I wanted to explain the situation.  School gets out in 50 minutes so emailing the teacher now would just be pointless.  
I even left the dog out this morning when I took the kids to school!  Mr. Furkins always gets locked in his crate when we go out.  Today, in my rush to get the kids to school on time, I forgot about the dog. Oscar clearly thought it was odd and he put himself in the crate.  He was sitting there looking all confused when I came into the house with the groceries.  Any other day, and I would have been home 5-20 minutes after leaving, but not today.  I went grocery shopping and was gone for more than an hour.  I'm very proud of Oscar for behaving himself. 
I'm losing my mind and I don't like it.  I hope I don't forget to pick Madeline up from CCD tonight since someone else is taking her there.

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