Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seat theft at Mass and sunburn at soccer

Today is shaping up to be a long day and it's not even 2pm yet.  We have a few hours of yard work ahead of us and we still have to go out for lunch.

I knew when we were taking Ellie into the school for CCD that I was in for one of my rare form days.  As we were walking into the building I crossed paths with a man who had the hairiest ear lobes I've ever seen.  I have a bit of a hair plucking fascination that Bryan is usually the victim of, so I notice things like rogue ear hairs on men.  Fortunately, this man wasn't sitting near me at Mass or else I would have been distracted. Bryan likes to point out things at Mass that he knows will make me laugh and he would have had a field day with the hairy ears.  

I wound up having a different distraction at Mass.  After Madeline went downstairs for the children's liturgy, the usher crammed three larger adults into our pew.  I made sure I let the woman next to me know that my daughter was sitting where she currently was and that she'd be back.  I guess she thought I was talking about my imaginary child, because in the middle of the homily she waved her teenaged son who smelled like marijuana and kept texting people during Mass into Madeline's seat.  I can't tell you how incredibly annoyed I was.  Once all the kids came back after the homily, I think the seat stealer's mother felt guilty.  Bryan had to drop back a pew and sit with one of the dads from Madeline's soccer team and CCD class. 

The other thing that can set me off at church, besides mutant ear hairs, on a day when I'm in rare form is the folk song group at church.  For a while there we thought this was the church choir, but I discovered at the Good Friday service and the Easter Vigil Mass, that the church actually does have a decent choir.  The Folk Song group is "special" so they're not part of the choir.  This group apparently exists to wage a ruthless assault on the ears of the parish.  Since we go to Mass at 9:15 every Sunday while Ellie is in CCD we, sadly, never get to hear the good choir.  Today was particularly bad to the point that I almost burst out laughing while in line for communion.  The Folk Song group comes up with some of the worst songs ever created, and then they butcher them unmercifully. I'm pretty sure even God couldn't like these songs, especially when they're sung totally off key. I'm not sure why no one has stopped this group yet. Once CCD is done for the Summer I think we'll be going to Mass at a different time.  My ears need a rest and I think I'd like to hear the real choir instead.

Madeline's soccer game went pretty well today.  She played for almost the entire game and she played a good game.  It was 95 degrees out while she was playing, so by the time the 4th quarter was nearly over she was totally wiped out.  Madeline played goalie for a quarter and she only got scored on once, which is great since the other team was really good. 

We all came home from the game with sunburn. Ellie and I got the brunt of it since we have very fair skin.  I sprayed Ellie with sunscreen before we left for the game, but it didn't help.  I'll probably be lobster red by the end of today.

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