Thursday, February 13, 2014

What We're Reading Wednesday...Thursday

It's been a while since I've done a What We're Reading Wednesday post.  I haven't gone illiterate, I promise!  I don't have the easiest time reading while pregnant.  I was far to dizzy to read during my first trimester and most of the second trimester was just so busy that when I did sit down with a book I fell asleep.  Awesome, right?

In the past week or so I've been able to read a lot, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write well thought out reviews.

I read two short biographies from Franciscan Media that will be coming out this spring.  I enjoyed both of them and was able to read them each in a single day filled with all the usual continuous interruptions that come with being the mom of a two year old who's potty obsessed and homeschooling a seventh grader.  Since both books were short with short chapters, they were the perfect books for me to read with numerous interruptions.  The first one was John Paul II (a short biography)  if you didn't know much about JPII this is a great introduction.  It hits all the highlights of what you might find in a more in depth biography of JPII.  It would be an ideal read for a high school student or someone who doesn't have a lot of time to invest in a longer book.  The second one was  John XXIII (a short biography).  I had dismally little knowledge of anything about John XXIII so after reading this book I feel like I know at least enough about him that I can carry on an intelligent conversation about him should the need arise.  This short little biography left me wanting to read more about him in the future.  I just need to find a good book and a bit of time.

On the days when I have to go and pick Ellie up at school I take a book with me.  I need to get there about 25 minutes before school gets out if I want one of the coveted 10 minute parking spots where I don't need to get out of the car to get her.  Yeah, you can say it.  I'm lazy.  I was spoiled by the school bus last year and I'm not willing to get out of the car and stand around in the cold to escort Ellie through the parking lot.  So I leave my house a few minutes after three, and drive the 90 second drive to the school to score a good parking spot.  That leaves me with 25 minutes of peace and quiet where I can sit and read.  Recently I was reading 150 North American Martyrs You Should Know.  I really enjoyed the book.  It gave me some pretty good background to go along with some of the chapters from Madeline's history text.  The book is divided into 29 chapters that categorize the different groupings of North American martyrs.  If you're pressed for time, this is one of those books where you can read a portion of a chapter and not feel like you really need to read the entire chapter at once.  The book's format made it the perfect sit and wait for your kid to come out of school reading.  I'd certainly recommend picking up a copy of this book.  Like other books written on the saints by Brian O'Neel, this one does not disappoint.

In the evenings I have been alternating between reading St. Therese's Story of a Soul and St. Francis de Sales' Consoling Thoughts on God and Providence.  I've read St. Therese's book before but since Madeline is doing a book report on Mary Fabyan Windeatt's The Little Flower (I'm also reading this here and there to make sure Madeline's staying on track.) I felt like picking the book up again and reading through it.  It feels like there's always something new to learn from St. Therese.

For the past year or so I've spent a lot of time reading books written by St. Francis de Sales.  I like how approachable his writing is.  I don't feel like I'm overhwelmed after reading his writings and they resonate with me.  There are bits and pieces of this volume of Consoling Thoughts that I like better than others, but I suppose that has to do with the subject matter and the fact that the book is more or less a compilation of St. Francis' writings and comes from several sources.

Katie has been bringing me the same books over and over.  I'm not even sure I can say that we're reading some of these books since they're the look and find books and I'm apparently not allowed to read the text.  Instead I'm supposed to name the items she points to after she taps me excessively and points at the picture.  I'm ok with the Minnie Mouse Look and Find book, but I despise the Sofia the First Look and Find.  I've tried hiding the book and she always seems to find it.  The book just infuriates me with all of the snooty looking princesses.  But she loves the book so I do my best to go through the book a few times with her before hiding it again.  She has also recently discovered some of my favorite Boynton board books.  Hippos Go Berserk is a new favorite.  But, she's more interested in pointing at the hippos than letting me read the book.  But that's ok, I memorized that book nearly 12 1/2 years ago and could "read" it in pitch black darkness.  She's also interested in Happy Hippo Angry Duck and the Going to Bed Book.

Ellie has been reading up on John Adams for a social studies report she's doing.  She's been reading the Look it Up Book of Presidents (The link is for the updated version but she's using the one I got when I was in 4th grade where *ahem* Ronald Reagan is the most recent President. LOL!  It's all good.  I just told her she needed to pick a President for her report that was before George H.W. Bush.  I'm pretty sure when I got the book that George H.W. Bush was President-elect.)  She's also reading this book on John Adams.  She's doing really well on the report that she's writing.  I'm impressed with how well her report is coming along, and she seems very pleased with it, too.

I think that sums up what we're reading these days.

I was provided with review copies of John Paul II (a short biography), John XXIII (a short biography) and 150 North American Martyrs You Should Know by the publisher, Franciscan Media.  The links in this post are Amazon affiliate links.  Thank you to all who shop through my affiliate links.  It helps to build our children's library.

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  1. The two biographies look great ESPECIALLY since you said they are short and those guys are getting canonized this year! I once tried to read George Weigel's biography of JPII and dang, that is a hefty epic. Sandra Boynton has a lot of shelf space here too.


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