Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick Takes: Oh what a week!

The baby presently has one godparent.  So the godfather has been picked, was asked and he said yes.  Now we have to decide who the godmother will be.  We have two people in mind and both would be solid choices.  I also started getting everything lined up for the baptism.  It will be sometime in June, possibly on the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua since he's the baby's patron saint.

I finally went and had the glucose tolerence test done on Tuesday.  I really dread that test because I can't stand having bloodwork done and I fear failing that test and having to go back and do the three hour test.  I pretty much fasted from sugary food the day before I had the bloodwork done to ensure that I didn't have super sugary blood.  I have a massive sweet tooth and pretty much live on sugary foods so I try to be conservative with the sugar for a day or two before doing this test.  I know too many people who have had to do the three hour glucose test because they indulged in cupcakes or some other sugary dessert the night before the test.

Bryan will be home late tonight.  He had a business trip out in Vegas this week.  Day one of his trip started off badly at home.  Katie decided that she wasn't going to sleep from about 3AM until after Bryan left.  I had to bring her into our bed in order to get her to go to sleep.  But I didn't get more than two hours of sleep total that night (even before she woke up).  I did really well not losing my patience with the kids until late evening when they decided that complaining about dinner followed by them carrying on like crazy people upstairs made me snap.  Thursday was a better day, or should I say started out as a better day.  Things were going well and I had a plan for the day but you know what they say about making plans if you want to make God laugh.  Or more specifically, if you want God to treat you like an ant under a magnifying glass,  go to Mass and tell Him you've had all you can handle for the time being and ask Him to ease up on you for a couple of days.  The response may very well be swift.  Shortly after 11 yesterday I got a call from the school nurse telling me Ellie collided with another student (stop me if this sounds like something that happened last year when Bryan was away on a business trip) and has quite the bump on her head and could possibly have a concussion.  So I did my best to not freak out.  I hauled Madeline and Katie over to the school to get Ellie and picked up my child with the giant purple Easter egg on her forehead.  On our way out the door I asked Madeline to hold Katie so I could breathe a little easier.  Instead of picking her up she let her go running out the door straight into a patch of ice where she promptly slipped, fell and whacked the back of her head.  Two head injuries for the price of one!  Fortunately, neither one of them has shown any signs of concussions thus far.  Ellie stayed home from school today so I could keep an eye on her in case she started to feel funny.  Katie seems perfectly normal and has no bumps or bruises on her head so I think she's fine.


That last take was big enough to be two so let's move on to the next one. But here's the picture I sent Bryan after I picked Ellie up from school yesterday morning. 


We moved Katie into her big girl bed on Saturday.  It's been disasterous.  She doesn't want to sleep in the big girl bed.  She acts like it's the worst thing ever.  Wednesday night she slept in the bed but carried on for about an hour and a half before settling down.  She woke at 1:30 that night and thankfully went back to sleep.  Last night she carried on for about the same amount of time and slept in the bed all night long.  She refuses to nap in the bed preferring to sleep on the floor instead.  It breaks my heart that she's so upset about moving to her new big girl bed, but I really need to get her settled in the new room so I can set up the nursery for the new baby.  The OCD planner in me has to have the nursery set up before the baby is born.
So it's after 10PM and she's still awake. She's tired but she's adamant about not sleeping in that bed.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to have to paint the pink room (that was blue last month) a boyish color and put Katie back in her old room.  
 I did finally find a good use for the video monitor I reviewed last year.  It's great for keeping an eye on a two year old who won't stay in bed.
We got more of Madeline's grades back from Seton this week.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably expecting too much when it comes to how I grade her writing.  We sent in her book report and I was certain that she was going to wind up having to rewrite it.  I was stunned when we got her grade: 98!  Wow!  She's excited and I think that just really boosted her confidence for the book report she will be working on over the next two weeks.

I'm 29 weeks pregnant today.  Do you like the "I'm totally exhausted and can't even manage a non-creepy looking smile" look?  Oh and let's not miss that my expression clearly says "I really don't have a clue when it comes to taking a picture of myself with an iPhone. 
In three more weeks we will get another peek at the baby when I go and have the 32 week growth scan ultrasound.  If they tell me the baby is still a boy at this next ultrasound then I will probably cut the tags off of a few of the outfits and run them through the wash.  Bryan tells me the baby is definately a boy and that it's not going to change but I'd like further confirmation before I start taking the tags off of the boy clothes.

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