Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small Successes-April 19th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1.  We've had some beautiful weather this week, so I took the opportunity to sit out on the deck and read while Katie was napping on Monday.  I managed to finish reading a bookI've been reading over the past few weeks and write a review for it.

2. I spent a lot of my time going through our belongings to weed out unnecessary items.  In doing so I cleared out an entire shelf in one my china cabinets.  The shelf now holds most of my religious ed resource materials and current grade level supplemental school resources for the girls.  My dining room is looking neater, and I no longer have religious ed materials located on every level of the house.  I can live with them being on two out of three floors.

3.  My months of nagging reminders to Bryan to go through his clothes to see what he no longer wants worked and he weeded out a large pile of what was in his closet.

4.  I cleaned the shower and garden tub in my bathroom.  Coincidentally,  I discovered that WD-40 removes adhesive (it was on the can's label) when I accidentally sprayed myself with it as I attempted to get the doors in our bathroom to stop squeaking.  I then promptly tried out the claim that it removes adhesives by testing it out on our now six month old shower.  Bryan had wet the sticker that was on the shower pan when he installed it and the goo simply wouldn't come off the shower.  I've been a bit busy these past six months (I wonder why!) and haven't remembered to pick up goo gone while out shopping.  WD-40 did a splendid job of removing the goo.  Of course, I accidentally sprayed my pants in the process (first my face, then my pants--I shouldn't be operating spray cans) and had to resort to my favorite line of stain specific stain removersto save my pants.

5. Laundry is surprisingly all caught up.  I attribute that to me staying at home most days this week instead of going to Target.  It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you stay at home and stay away from the computer while the baby is napping or happily occupying herself.

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  1. Wow! You rock. You got a ton done. Impressive.


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