Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cupcakes for St. Catherine

Since I was able to remember that today is the fest day of St. Catherine of Siena, we were able to celebrate a name day for both Ellie and Katie, and if we want to nit pick and say me, since my name is derived from Catherine, we could also lump me in there as well, I suppose.

Ellie's middle name is Katherine and she has developed a liking for St. Catherine of Siena over the past few years.  I think she likes her because 1. She has one of her names, just spelled with a C instead of a K. and 2. Her stained glass window is in the bathroom at our church.  The child does not like to go in the bathroom that doesn't have St. Catherine on the window.

While Katie was napping and Ellie and Bryan were at her soccer game, I asked Madeline what she thought we should make to celebrate.  After assessing the amount of work required to make some of the suggestions, we settled on cupcakes.  Madeline wanted to help and I decided to let her take over.  She wound up making everything but the buttercream icing.  She even decorated the cupcakes.

Ellie was excited at the prospect of cupcakes after dinner.  She wanted to help decorate the cupcakes, but Madeline insisted on doing it all on her own, so I printed out the lovely St. Catherine coloring page that Charlotte has up on her blog.  Ellie was very happy to work on that while Madeline took care of the cupcakes.

After dinner we ate Madeline's first ever batch of cupcakes.  We then followed up with a story about St. Catherine from this book.

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