Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Review: My First Pictures of Easter

It's still Easter, so I'm going to tell you about this lovely board book entitled My First Pictures of Easterthat we gave Katie for Easter.  Magnificat came out with a line of children's books about two years ago and have continued to add more titles to their list.  Since they introduced this line of children's books we have found many books that have resonated with our girls.

Katie no longer sleeps through every Mass and I realized that we were seriously lacking durable board books that were Mass appropriate.  When I noticed that the Magnificat board books were written and illustrated by Maite Roche, I decided that these would be a good jumping off point for starting our collection of Mass appropriate board books.  We already had another bookwritten by her that I love.

My First Pictures of Easter offers rich illustrations that start with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday and the Easter Vigil Mass.  On the left side of each page is a large illustration that has a heading and two lines of text about the picture.  On the right side of the page there are several smaller pictures with  brief descriptions.  The book is simply put and beautifully done.

Katie has enjoyed looking at the pictures and I'm sure as she grows we will be able to use this book to teach her about Holy Week and Easter.  My older girls have remarked that they think the pictures are very nice.  There's a lot of details in the larger pictures, which appear to be water color paintings or possibly water color pencils.

I would recommend this book for babies through age four. While children older than that may enjoy the  beautiful illustrations, they're going to want more substance by way of a story than this book has to offer.  For small ones, however, this book is just right.

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