Friday, September 23, 2011

Strange Questions from L&D

Last night won the prize for the strangest line of questions I've ever had.  I've visited the labor and delivery unit of three different hospitals six times at this point.  With Madeline I was there four times between pre-term labor and the real deal.  Ellie, thankfully, was a one visit baby.

While I was at the hospital the nurse I had assigned to me had to go down a rather long list of questions.  I was asked if I had electric and plumbing which sort of caught me off guard.  I honestly don't know of anyone, except the Amish, who don't have electric.  Then the strangest question came.  The nurse asked for the name of my support person, who happens to be Bryan, and then asked if we were married or just related since we have the same last name.  I couldn't help but ask if they get many incest couples at this hospital, because it seemed like such an odd question.  The nurse proceeded to tell us that we'd be surprised at how many women bring their brother in as their support person.  I don't know about you, but I'm not about to ask either one of my brothers if they'd like to be present at the birth of their new niece.  No thanks.  I'll pass and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even want to be there unless of course, they're looking for an excuse to gouge out their eyes afterwards.

I can't recall all the questions that were fired at me last night but there were more than a few that made me stop for a second and wonder if maybe I wasn't imagining them.  All I had to do was look at Bryan's expression to know that I wasn't delusional.  My sarcastic nature really wanted to answer some of the questions with off the wall responses, but I figured that wouldn't be a great idea.

Why yes, he is my brother and he's also the baby's father.  He and I are just very close.  Thanks for asking!

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  1. Hahahahahhahaha! That is so weird! They asked me the same with Karina. I thought that was so strange! I really hope that you go into labor SOON!


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