Monday, September 5, 2011

Have Any Nursing Bra Suggestions?

It's come to my attention that while I'm very prepared for this baby, that I have forgotten about some important things like nursing bras and camisoles.  I've got plenty of nursing pads and lanolin along with a pump.  So in that area I'm good.  Pretty much I'm prepared to nurse this baby but I'm totally lacking in the apparel department for myself.  I see this as a bit of a problem.

Today I finally started my search for nursing bras and camisoles.  When I was nursing the girls I had these great underwire bras that snapped in the center and didn't have padded cups.  I've searched many websites today and haven't found a bra like it.  I also visited Target, which is where I had brought some of these bras ages ago and they have nothing even remotely close to it.  Searching online has simply given me a huge headache.  After reading countless reviews I'm feeling like I'm about to begin an impossible search for a comfortable nursing bra.

I think I'm also starting this search a little late.  I'm due in under five weeks and will likely have the baby sometime in the next three.  Quite honestly, I don't feel like wandering the mall with a baby who likes prodding my bladder constantly.  I was at the mall yesterday and after just a few minutes there I was ready to scream.  I simply do not have the patience for mall shopping.

If you have any nursing bras or camisoles that you can recommend, please help me out and give me some suggestions.  I know in the past I used camisoles from Motherhood.  I'll be checking them out when I reluctantly visit the mall.


  1. No bras that I particularly 'love', but really like the nursing tanks from Target: good support, good coverage. Hope this helps!

  2. I have a tonne of suggestions, but I'm in the UK and we have different brands over here.

    I have spent a lot of time in the Bravado BodySilk Seamless nursing bras, they cover a range of sizes and are good before and after birth, and during of course. Bravado also sell a nursing top, both are great quality, a little on the expensive side, but give great support. Only downside is that Bravado is now owned by Medela and so both companies are now non- code compliant. This is a shame because they make great bras, but I prefer to buy from code compliant companies.

    Some other companies - FanceeFree, Leading Lady, La Leche League, Royce, Hotmilk, Cake, Emma-Jane, Carriwell, Anita. Glamourmom, You Lingerie

    I have tried a couple of front closure nursing bras, but didn't like the lack of support while nursing and spent lots of time trying to do them back up and keeping the other boob from leaking while everything is open. I think LLL has a front open bra, and then some sports bra companies have front opening bras that can work the same way Anita, SportJock, Moving Comfort.

    Good Luck


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