Friday, September 23, 2011

No Baby Yet!

We went to the hospital last night but I didn't make any real progress while I was there.  In the two hours I was there I only dilated to 3cm (up from a "really stretchy 2").   Since I had been up since before 7am I opted to go home rather than stay at the hospital and wait and see if anything would happen.  So Bryan and I spent a little over two and a half hours over at the hospital last night.

Bryan is rather disappointed that the baby didn't make her entrance.  I'm hoping our next trip to the hospital will be far more productive.

After spending two hours there I've decided that this time around I'm probably going to labor in my own clothes.  The gowns at this hospital leave much to be desired.  I think I'd rather ruin something of my own than wear their gown.

Since my parents came up last night to stay with the kids, they got to do a trial run at getting them ready for school.  I'd say it went well.  Madeline made it to the bus on time and my mom and dad dropped Ellie off at school.

I'm planning to spend today relaxing.  I'd like to see if I can get my swollen hands and feet to feel better.

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