Friday, November 23, 2012

Quick Takes: Volume 50

The past week has been rough.  First we drove from Disney World back to NJ in one day.  That was an 18 1/2 hour drive since we hit traffic twice.  Once for a bad accident in FL and then for "road work" down in NC where the only thing they appeared to be doing was putting out parking cones for a several mile stretch.  I wasn't too thrilled with NC last Friday.
On Monday Katie woke up with what I thought was the worst diaper rash ever.  By 6PM that night she was covered in spots and I was worried that maybe she had chicken pox.  Turns out she picked up a case of hand, foot and mouth disease while we were on vacation.  UGH!  Poor kid is still covered in this rash.  See all the blistery spots on her legs?  She's been a trooper.  She's had a few really miserable days but for the most part she's been pretty good through the whole ordeal.

Since hand, foot and mouth is pretty contagious, I couldn't haul Katie over to the church on Wednesday for the awards ceremony for the first marking period of school.  I felt a lot of mommy guilt over not being able to see Madeline get her student of the month and honor roll certificates.
While checking out Facebook on Wednesday I kept seeing a picture of a bacon wrapped turkey where the bacon was woven on the turkey and the wings and legs were completely wrapped up in it too.  Bryan put bacon on the turkey last year and it was good so I challenged him to weave the bacon on the turkey this Thanksgiving. I only brought one pound of bacon so we couldn't cover the wings and legs.  Maybe next time.
Doesn't it look delicious?
We sort of got uninvited to Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and brother.  Hand, foot and mouth disease sort of makes you persona non grata.
The girls seemed to really enjoy the cute little apple turkey appetizer I made for them.
Remember how I said hand, foot and mouth disease is contagious?  As of yesterday morning I had the lovely little sores in the back of my throat.  And as I type, I can feel the blistery little red spots forming on my hands.  Ugh! Bryan feels like his throat has something going on.  Something makes me think it has a lot to do with a certain sick baby spending a lot of time in our bed for a few nights in a row.  Sigh. Thus far, Madeline and Ellie seem to be disease free.  I'm hoping they stay that way.  If they come down with this I'm pretty sure that means they'll be out of school for a week.

While we were away on vacation last week my camera kept having focusing issues.  The auto focus would randomly decide not to work and that meant I missed out on a lot of pictures.  Bryan told me several times before we left to stop being cheap and to buy myself the camera I had been looking at over the past six months.  I didn't listen and ended up regretting it.  So today I decided that I was going to stop procrastinating and just buy it.  So next week I'll be playing with my new Canon T3i. Just so you know, now that I brought the camera, I expect that Amazon will drop the price drastically for the sole purpose of irritating me so this might be the perfect time for you to buy it if you're looking at this camera.  


  1. poor katie! that looks awful. turkey looks amazing! loved the appetizer....YAY for the camera! you are my partner in crime!

  2. I have never heard of that disease before... I hope everyone is better, or will be soon!

    And congrats on the new camera!! Yay!!


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