Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...


I just love this picture of Katie and Madeline.  It amazes me how much these two are attached to one another.  Kitty loves her Maah. [That's what she calls Madeline.]

I am loving how cute Ellie looks in her uniform with the sweater cardigan.  I didn't think she would need more than one of these, but she's been living in it the past couple of days now that it's cold.  I think I'll have to make a trip to the uniform shop to buy her a second cardigan.


Bryan's birthday [All Saints' Day] means pumpkin cheesecake and that makes for a house full of happy people.  

This past Monday the kids FINALLY got to go Trick or Treating.  Hurricane Sandy and it's destruction caused Gov. Christie to postpone Halloween in NJ to November 5th.  It was so cold out that Katie and I only went to a few of the neighbor's houses to trick or treat.


I love this pumpkin costume!  I can't get over how cute each of our girls has looked as they waddled around in this costume as a one or two year old.  Katie really seemed to like wearing this costume.

Katie wasn't too pleased with Oscar stealing her costume idea!  She kept yelling at him, but Oscar didn't care.  He was just excited to be dressed up.  He's such an odd dog.


The cheesecake cracked as it cooled so I decided to cover it up with what Cake Wrecks would call plastic flotsam.   So I went to my cake decorations and found a happy birthday and a few big Christmas tree lights.  It works, right?

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  1. yummy- pumpkin cheesecake (and cakewrecks only makes fun of horribly decorated professional cakes- we amateurs can continue to be imperfect safely) ;)

  2. Aww these children look so cute :) Cake is yummy ,want a piece of it :)

  3. You have cute pumpkins everywhere :)


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