Friday, November 23, 2012

Because I'm Not the Only One

Yesterday I logged into my blogger account to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and post a picture of my family to go with the post.  I freaked out when I got this message telling me that I had maxed out my free photo storage space on the blog.  I then freaked out even more when I saw that they wanted me to spend a minimum of $2.49 a month to buy extra storage space for my photos.  I was more than a little peeved to see that if I had started to buy space before April 24th of this year that I would be paying a mere $5 a year for this space.  The cheap-skate in me really bristled at the thought of spending money for a ability to upload pictures.  While I don't have to, I already spend money for a domain which redirects to this page on blogger.

Bryan insisted on buying the storage so I could still add pictures while I decided what to do.  I contemplated possibly switching over to my domain and just having everything redirect from blogger.  That may still happen sometime down the line, but I'm sure moving over 1,000 posts will take time.

Shortly after Bryan forked over $2.49 for my photo storage and I STILL couldn't upload pictures through blogger, I started thinking about ways I could add pictures.  I knew there was an add picture using a url feature so I did some experimenting.  I found that you can't add a photo to Facebook and use the link on there to add your photo to blogger.  Then I recalled that I had a PhotoBucket account which I used to use when I spent way too much of my time on a Gymboree message board ages ago.  Turns out that PhotoBucket works like a charm, offers twice as much free space as Blogger and makes photo editing nice and easy.

I'm pretty sure that I'll be canceling the photo storage that I just purchased.  So if any of you find that you maxed out on photo storage you might want to consider using an alternative source for hosting your pictures if you don't want to pay $30 a year to upload pictures.

Just be aware that you may find that you're out of photo storage when you least expect it.  I know I was surprised when I got the message yesterday and I think B-Mama over at G-Ville was, too.


  1. glad u found a good solution. i like photobucket a lot for blogging

  2. Oh no!! Can you believe that I still haven't run out of photo storage yet with blogger? However, I started rather early uploading small file sizes of pictures for the blog. I just checked my picasa account and even with over 5 years of blogging, and over 2000 posts, I've only used 65% of my free photo storage! I'm sure I'll eventually run out, but in the meantime I'm trying to be a little more careful (i.e. going to Picasa and deleting pictures that I upload and then don't use, etc) with what I upload for storage.

    I do wish I was able to get the actual domains to go with my blogs - they were snatched up after I started blogging and I haven't been able to talk myself into one of the other options (.co, .org etc) Oh well. I'll keep watching for them! :)

    1. Oh my goodness, with all of the photos you have up on your blog I'm amazed that you still have that much space left! I wonder if it has something to do with the sizes of the photos I've uploaded. I am trying out the collage feature on PicMonkey now to see if that helps me conserve space, but I'm going to use Photobucket for my photo storage now.

      I had my husband get me the domains for this blog and my poor neglected Catholic Faith Adventure blog for my religious ed class shortly after I started blogging. I'm thinking about taking a new angle with the blog for my class and turning it into a resource blog, but I need a few extra hours added to the day so I can have time to work on it.


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