Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick Takes: Volume 49

Bryan went to Orlando for another business trip this week.  Usually it seems like the days drag on when he's not home, but this time around it wasn't so bad.  I do, however, wish he was home the night of election day.  It was a bit nerve wracking watching the results come in, but fortunately I had Bryan's friend texting me as we watched our hope for a new President fade away.  Bryan was probably relieved that he wasn't fielding texts about the election from me or his friend while he enjoyed a company event at the House of Blues.
I'm really dismayed by the election results.  I'm very concerned about the direction our government is taking and I'm worried about the ramifications of the HHS mandate for the Catholic Church.  Will my girls have a school to go to next year?  Will the government bankrupt the Catholic Church in this country?  Will we or our children wind up becoming martyrs for the faith?  I told my husband's friend that I really don't want to be a martyr.  His response was Ephesians 6:10-17.  It was what I needed in those early moments of despair.  So yes, I'll put on the Armor of God and fight the good fight and hope that when I've finished running the race I will hear "Well done, good and faithful servant."
This past election has taught me that I am not doing anyone a favor by keeping my political opinions quite on my blog, FaceBook or Twitter.  You'd never know it to read this blog that I'm politically charged and I think that will be changing down the line.  I used to be quite passionate about my politics from grade school through college, but I had toned things down in my conversations with others so as not to ruffle the feathers of those who disagreed with me.  If you hold bleeding heart liberal values at your core, I'm no longer going to politely keep my mouth shut when you start spouting your toxic self-centered ideas.
I've been wondering lately how many of those who voted for Obama really understood what they were voting for.  Did they realize they were trading away some of their freedoms when they chose him?  Is it worth trading precious freedoms, that others have given their lives defending, for you to get "free stuff" [which you will pay for with increased taxes]?  Nothing the government can give me is worth trading away my basic freedoms.  I recall a class on the political spectrum where it basically showed how each ideology takes you from total freedom (Anarchy) to total loss of freedom (Communism).  The more you expect government to do for you the more freedom you need to give up for those services.  It's something to think about when you're gunning for free contraceptives or whatever the free item du jour is that a candidate is offering up.  Is it worth "saving" a few dollars a month [basing this number off Target's $4 generic Rx drug price--I'm sure there must be generic birth control pills that don't come with fancy ads] to trade away say freedom of religion for yourself and your neighbor?  I don't think so.

Let's shift gears away from the politics.  Katie is cutting another tooth.  She had one of the upper teeth right next to her middle front ones come in early this week.  Only part of the tooth has broken through.  She's been pretty cranky this week, but I'm hoping she be back to her happy self soon.  Between the teething and her searching for Bryan she was not a happy camper.
Inspired by Auntie Leila, I decided to start cleaning my messy, messy bedroom.  I spent a few hours in our room yesterday and I'm amazed at how much better the room is looking now that I've removed a lot of the clutter and boxed up some of the girls' outgrown clothing.  Maybe I'll post some pictures of our room once I have it all in order and am back from our vacation.  Right now my room is the cleanest that it has been since before Katie was conceived.  It's been a while!
We're packing for our Disney vacation.  We're driving down there and will be gone for a little less than a week since Madeline's travel soccer schedule is sort of dictating the length of our trip.  I'm hoping that Katie will tolerate the long ride and that Oscar will not destroy the kitchen while we're gone.  Our neighbor is taking care of the dog while we're away so he will have the kitchen all to himself.  Bryan has set up video cameras so he can check in on the house and dog.  Sounds exciting, right?

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