Friday, July 6, 2012

Quick Takes Volume 41

I'm almost ready for VBS to happen next week.  I have a short to do list of things that still have to be done.  

This morning I plan to get as much of the school gym and hallways decorated as I can.  I have realized that I'm really not feeling the national park theme.  I couldn't even bring myself to try to make decorations.

I realized last week that because I didn't write down what I did last year, in some ways I had to once again by trial and error figure out the best way to do certain things for VBS.  This year I decided to create a document that I can reference next year.

I've decided that next year, I need to be more on top of things in terms of paperwork for VBS.  I'm discovering that I didn't necessarily enter all of my student volunteers' names into my database.  I guess this is what happens when you use post it notes to take notes or answer emails with the phone while on the go.  Next year I think I'm only going to handle VBS emails at home on my computer.  Using the phone, the iPad and the laptop isn't the best way to handle this since emails seem to vanish between the three.  Better to stick with just one device for this, I think.

I took Madeline and Ellie out to the pool yesterday.  While they played, I read my book. I didn't realize it was very hot out there [I thought it was just very nice out, but it was high 90s].  I realized later in the day when my legs were a cross between hot pink and red that the sun wasn't just making my legs feel warm in the pool, it was burning me.  Sigh.  This is what I get when I decide I need a little break from teething and VBS.

Anyone have a good link to a rosary how-to printable that is geared to children?  I need something that I can send home with the VBS campers the day they make rosaries in arts and crafts.

Ellie's birthday is in just one week.  Eek!  I still need to plan her party and send out invitations for her party that I hope to have next Saturday.  Oh, how I wish that her birthday and VBS didn't collide!   She wants a Lego party so I'm going to try and put something together using the posts on this topic from Shower of Roses and Waltzing Matilda as my inspiration.  Speaking of Ellie, did I mention that she's toothless?  She lost her other top front tooth on the 4th of July.  


  1. Hi Karen, you might look at this site/page - lots of rosary info here.

    Hope it helps!



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