Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Ellie is Seven!

I'm about a week an a half late, but two Fridays ago our Ellie celebrated her seventh birthday.  Seven just seems like such a big number for such a little girl.

I'm just amazed that Ellie is seven years old already.  Honestly, where did the past seven years go?  I think she left me in the dust about five or six years ago.  
It seems like yesterday that Ellie was this tiny little not even ten hours old newborn in my arms.  

 I scarcely blinked and the was suddenly one.
And then, out of nowhere she was two!
She quickly turned three while my back was turned for just a moment.
She was four for barely an hour I'm sure!
How she came to be five is beyond me, but I have the hardest time believing it was two years ago.
She turned six so quick that even the cupcakes stayed the same!
And now, somehow she is seven.  Seven adventure filled years have quickly slipped by.

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