Monday, July 23, 2012

A Birthday Girl!

I'm over a week late in writing this, but Ellie is now seven.  Her birthday and the last day of VBS had the misfortune of falling on the same day which made for a very busy long day for me and not as much time celebrating our birthday girl as I would have liked.  We made up for it by celebrating her birthday that afternoon, the following day and a week later when she finally had her Lego/pool birthday party.

My parents took Madeline and Ellie to Chick-Fil-A while Bryan and I stayed at the school getting things back to the way we found them the week before.  It was cow appreciation day, so my parents and the girls dressed up as cows and had a free chicken birthday lunch.  I'll have to post a picture of them dressed as cows later.

Once we came home from the school we celebrated her birthday with ice cream cone shaped cupcakes that my mom made.  Ellie then got to open her presents.  On opening the cards from us, my parents and my brother we discovered that we all brought the exact same card!  Once in a while she'll get a few doubles but this was the first time she got three of the same card in a row!  My parents noted that she hit the jackpot and told me that we needed to line them up and take the picture you see above.

She was thrilled with her girly Lego housethat her Uncle Mark had sent up for her.  She and Madeline got to work building it the very next day.

She later discovered that she really likes the Zita the Spacegirlbook that we gave her.  She's been reading it ever since.  I think she likes that it's a graphic novel.  She was excited when I told her there's a new Zita bookcoming out soon.  Maybe she'll find it in her stocking on Christmas morning.

Pictures of her Lego/pool party will be coming soon, I hope!  Life has been moving so fast these days that sometimes weeks get away from me before I can blog the things I want to share.

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