Monday, July 16, 2012

Dyslexia and Education

Ever have those moments where it feels like a lot of things converge and suddenly you feel like you have a bit of a problem on your hands?  That's sort of how I'm feeling right now.

Last fall when we sat down with Ellie's teacher she mentioned that she thought Ellie might have very mild dyslexia.  She confuses b and d and p and 9.  This creates spelling and math errors as well as some pronunciation issues when she's reading.  At the time the teacher brought this up, I was only aware of the b and d confusion.

The teacher told me it was something we'd have to keep an eye on.  She was watching, too.  This morning as I checked Ellie's copy work and journal writing I saw numerous b and d mix ups.  I'm beginning to feel like she should have been evaluated by the school last year.

I asked the teacher about having Ellie evaluated, and she told us it was something we should wait on and that she'd have it done if she didn't improve.  Well, she didn't improve and she wasn't evaluated.

I'm suddenly feeling very uneasy about our educational plans for this upcoming school year.  She's going to a Catholic school next year and I'm worried that  if she is, indeed, dyslexic that they won't be able to help her there.  I know people who have had to remove their children from Catholic schools because they didn't have the resources available to help a child with dyslexia.  Am I dooming Ellie?  This year will mark school number three in three years of school [the school she went to for K only went from preschool to K, then she attended the local K-4 for 1st last year].  I'm already a bit ill at ease with the school hopping.  I want the school front to be settled so she can settle in, make friends and learn with consistency.

I still feel pulled/called to homeschool the girls and I don't know what recourse, if any we will have with the local school district to receive help for Ellie if she needs it if we homeschool her instead.  I'm feeling overwhelmed and I seriously don't know what we should be doing for her at this point.

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