Thursday, May 3, 2012

Small Successes May 3rd


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. I went shopping at our community yard sale [I even work up early for it] and scored several books for the girls at the same house that seems to have a lot of great books for my girls every year.  This year we got several out of print books for Madeline, a some early readers for Ellie.  History geek that I am, I was pretty excited to find a few Titanic early readersfor Ellie.

2.  My bathroom floor was beginning to be carpeted with all the hair I've been shedding, so yesterday I decided to unleash the Dyson on the floor.  I currently have a hair free bathroom floor.

3.  I'm managing to function despite having a pretty unpleasant cold.  I wish I was in bed right now, but I have to get Ellie ready for school and run a few errands this morning.  Katie is also battling a cold, so it makes things a little more challenging.

4.  I'm working my way through my pile of review books.  The stack is roughly two feet high and true to form, I write a review for one bookand a new bookshows up in the mail box two days later.  Just a frog in a well.  Hop up one brick and slide back down.  Someday I'll reduce that pile to an acceptable level!

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